Eddy Chapman is a up-and-coming, truly gifted, overflowing with confidence and never sarcastic good guy. On a serious note, he is an Alternative Rock Artist who want to manifest emotions through his music to which fans can relate to when they themselves do not have the words to express their feelings.

  He released his self-produced debut album, Lie-a-bility in 2020 with the single Trust in Love. Trust in Love has had great success among listeners thus far and has been selected in the Unsigned Only Music Competition, making him a semi-finalist for 2020.  Soon after he released his album, Eddy was contacted by a music publisher to get his music out to the world. 

Eddy's sound is a unique blend of genre's as he believes that an artist should not be confined by or placed in a box by a specific genre alone. 

Eddy grew up in a musical family where the melodies of CCR, Roxette and Neil Diamond used to echo through their house. He played piano when he was younger, but showed his interest in guitar when he stumbled upon Bon Jovi's "It's my life" on MTV at the age of 15. It was at this age that Eddy decided he wanted a career in music. His love for music grew and he started playing guitar soon after. He wrote his first song at the age of 16. ​
After being home schooled, he started a band and they did very well, making entertainment headlines of many news papers and some radio stations, being labeled as trendsetters of Afrikaans Rock music in South Africa with their unique sound and song arrangements.
Eddy wrote and arranged all the songs in the band and they played countless gigs and toured in South Africa. Unfortunately, the band decided to pursue different paths in 2009.
Eddy went solo and pursued his own career thereafter.

He writes and records his own music and is therefor very excited about this album. He spent countless hours in the studio perfecting the sound he wanted where he himself arranged and played every instrument on all the songs.

Over the years Eddy was influenced by many renowned artists such as Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Oasis and Foo Fighters. ​

As a musician Eddy is a dedicated and passionate individual and it truly shows during his live performances. In his personal life he is grounded and coming from humble beginnings, he knows how to work hard, overcome obstacles and persevere to make his dreams come true.

Eddy Chapman remains excited in regards to his musical and personal ambitions, hoping to leave his mark in the music industry.