Eddy Chapman – Is what happens when you combine thought provoking lyrics
with well crafted hooks and crescendos that exasperate emotions.
Eddy is music’s riotin a whisper.
Believing that a soft spoken word at exactly the right time can mean more for
change than violence and destruction.

Lyrically his music covers a bottomless experience of romance, introspection and the rebellious nature of a rock star. He skilfully incorporates various fresh influences into his music, hoping to breathe new life into rock music and make it more accessible to the wider audience.
Eddy’s emotional directness can be beautiful and powerfully vulnerable while bestowing goose bumps to listeners all at the same time. Truly an explosion to your senses. Eddy’s signature
swells in his songs are a masterpiece and are unmissable in his new album, to be released in 2023.

Eddy collaborated with an abundance of talented musicians on
his new album to create a diverse sound that will resonate with audiences.
The creativity that these artists brought to the table inspired a lot of fun and laughter and brought an air of comfort to the studio while working on the album, making this a dream team to work with. The team in the studio pushed the boundaries with new and exciting arrangements, combined with Eddy’s clever wordplay that always leaves the listener thinking about the deeper meaning behind his writing. The songs on the album are emotionally raw and will make listeners feel a plethora of different emotions ranging from fun and energetic to melancholic. Eddy hopes to help listeners get to that “let-loose feeling”.  Ultimately Eddy wants you to just have fun, to dance and enjoy the music. “It’s all about the music”

Eddy’s debut album titled, Lie-a-bility was self produced and released in 2020. This set the tone for Eddy’s ever growing career. Eddy uniquely blends genre's as he believes that an artist should not be confined by or be placed in a box by a specific genre alone. He believes that music affects everyone differently and that all styles are needed as life consist of both the good and bad parts. Countless songs on his debut album were played internationally on several indie music stations and got him invited to headline a music festival in the USA. Unfortunately due to all the madness surrounding 2020, Eddy could not go, but is excited to perform there in the future. Turning many heads and featuring on various playlists and platforms with his debut album, Eddy hopes to pick up where he left off with his second album.

“The power in music is to make you feel like you can do anything, to escape the real world but at the same time help you cope with the ever changing challenges in life.”
– Eddy Chapman

Eddy is an Alternative Indie Rock Artist from sunny South Africa. 
He grew up in a musical family where the melodies of CCR, Roxette
and Neil Diamond used to echo through the house. He played piano when
he was younger but showed his interest in guitar when he
stumbled upon Bon Jovi's "It's my life" on MTV at the age of 15.
It was at this age that Eddy decided he wanted
a career in music. His love for music grew and he
started playing guitar soon after. He wrote his first
song at the age of 16.After being
home schooled, he started a band and
they did very well, making entertainment
headlines of many newspapers and some
local radio stations with their
unique sound and song arrangements.
Eddy wrote and arranged all the songs in the band,
and they played countless gigs and toured in South Africa.
Unfortunately, the band decided to pursue different paths in 2009.
Eddy went solo and pursued his own career thereafter.

   Over the years Eddy was influenced by many renowned artists such as Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Oasis and Foo Fighters to only name a few. Eddy's sound ranges from classics rock artists like Bon Jovi, Radiohead and Matchbox Twenty to modern rock artists like Temper trap, 21 Pilots and Silversun Pickups. Imagine a collaboration between RHCP, Bruno Mars and Abba or Queen and 21 Pilots. That's what you'll get on Eddy's new album, A Riot in a whisper