This album is a mixture of meaningful and thought-provoking songs evoking emotions about the everyday challenges human beings face. "Through my music, I aim to capture the true emotion of living. We grew up to believe and see only the beauty that this world has to offer and even though this is very important, there is also the unavoidable bad stuff we see as we grow older. This makes us human, the good and the bad, the beauty as well as the ugly."  This album will let one feel the internal struggles one has with oneself, the emotions of love, rejection and envy when you go through all the phases of life and the helplessness and frustration one who cannot be heard feels when they may not be good enough for this ever changing and deceptive world. Eddy writes and records his own music and is therefor very excited about this album. He spent countless hours in the studio perfecting the sound he wanted where he himself arranged and played every instrument on all the songs.